eDiscovery Challenges

E-discovery, a government regulation that mandates record of a business or agency’s electronic communication for presentation in case of court order, has catalyzed a need for dedicated legal research teams and qualified E-discovery solutions. The ever-expanding data archives of modern businesses place an impractical burden on lawyers and their review teams who are now expected to filter through documents and E-mails at incredible rates, which just a few years ago, would have been unrealistic. The necessity to break down the relevant data and cast aside the irrelevant within pre-defined time frames places a lot of pressure on legal teams. That being the case, legal teams are often left with no choice but to rely heavily, and often times imprudently, on E-discovery tools to ease the burdens of their research efforts.

Native Active Directory Auditing Falls Short

There is a lot riding on the healthy preservation of a clean and regularly monitored Active Directory. More specifically, Active Directory, the first point of user authentication after log-in, is what supplies authentication and access control for all users and applications. Active Directory is the foundation of many security operations in the modern business world. … Continued