Active Directory Change Reporter 7.0 BETA

NetWrix is proud to unveil the BETA version of Active Directory Change Reporter 7.0, which is fully equipped with a broad range of new features that make this our most comprehensive change auditing solution yet. We kindly invite you to try it out and provide your feedback as we work hard to deliver this brand new release. Your help is greatly appreciated and your thoughts will be taken into serious consideration as we continue to work on this major release of Active Directory reporting tool. This is a unique opportunity to have your thoughts addressed within the solution. Check out what’s in store for the next generation of Active Directory Change Reporter.

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Major New Features:

* Real-time alerting on AD changes – now you can subscribe yourself and other people to receive instant alerts regarding specific AD changes (e.g. changes to membership of admin groups). Customizable alerts are sent by e-mail immediately after a change is detected, allowing for instant visibility (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).
* Report subscriptions – allows you to automatically receive Advanced reports by e-mail. Before 7.0 you could only receive basic “ad-hoc” reports daily with the full list of changes. Now you can select any reports you want to get and get them daily, weekly, monthly, etc (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).
* Static reporting on Active Directory – now you can report on current Active Directory contents (AD snapshots) vs. reporting on “dynamic” changes. Examples of reports: “All Members of Domain Admins group”, “All Security Groups in AD” etc. You can report on both the current state and historical data—e.g. “All members of Domain Admins group as of December 31, 2008” (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).
* All reports are extended with ‘Where’ field containing domain controller name where the changes were made.
* Integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (management pack will be provided later).
* Visual charts in addition to standard reports provide illustration to aid better change auditing.
* Browsing of Advanced Reports is improved. Now it is possible to specify filters before report generation starts, helping save significant time (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).

Other Enhancements:

* Significantly improved and optimized AD change tracking technology, with less overhead on DCs and much better performance. The new version also provides precise tracking of values changed and reverted back during the same day (before 7.0 it was limited).
* Custom Report Builder to create custom reports easily (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).
* Performance optimization of SQL DB operations.
* Simplified management of all installed license codes (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).
*Automatic Advanced Reporting installation and configuration locally for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and above.
*Ability to send e-mails through SMTP server with SSL support (including the implicit SSL mode).
* Improved reliability of Enterprise Management Console (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).
* Easy-to-use taskpad with basic functions on the welcome page of the Enterprise Management Console (Enterprise Edition only, but included in this beta).

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