Where is Technology Heading for IT Pros?

Technology is always changing, so keeping up with the times can be difficult. What types of technological expertise do you think would help keep an IT pro on the cutting edge of the industry until 2015?

New Network Auditing Software: Network Infrastructure Change Reporter

NetWrix is proud to announce the release of NetWrix Infrastructure Change Reporter, the new auditing and reporting product that automatically discovers network devices and tracks changes made to their configuration settings. Devices such as routers, firewalls and switches are at the core of every infrastructure, and by their very nature, undergo regular and dynamic changes—new devices appear, old devices become obsolete, configuration changes are made by network administrators (accidental and unauthorized).

Self-service Reset of Forgotten Passwords is Quick and Easy

Analysts estimate that 30% of all IT help desk calls are related to password problems. Forgotten passwords result in user frustration, productivity losses, and higher help desk costs. Take a look at this interesting white paper and learn how to easily eliminate these common help desk calls and user frustrations without making any changes to … Continued