Free Tool of the Day: NetWrix AD Object Restore Wizard


Today’s Free Tool of the Day, NetWrix AD Object Restore Wizard, allows administrators to quickly restore deleted and modified objects in Windows 2003 or 2008 Active Directory without rebooting a domain controller. This freeware tool goes beyond the standard tombstone capabilities in Active Directory and stores more information than what is normally preserved in the AD tombstone. Therefore, it´s much more reliable than other tools based on standard Microsoft Tombstone Reanimation interfaces. Moreover, no tool relying only on the tombstone will be able to revert modified and incorrectly added objects.

In essence, this tool can save the day if someone accidentally (or intentionally) deleted a bunch of Active Directory objects, as it provides granular object-level and even attribute-level restore capabilities to quickly rollback unwanted changes (e.g., mistakenly deleted users, modified group memberships, etc).

Have you ever accidentally deleted an AD object that had negative consequences?

Download NetWrix AD Object Restore Wizard