Free Tool of the Day: NetWrix SharePoint Change Reporter

Today’s Free Tool of the Day, NetWrix SharePoint Change Reporter, tracks all administrative modifications made to SharePoint, including those made to farms, servers and sites, as well as their settings and permissions. Undesired and unauthorized changes occur frequently within all organizations that rely on delegated SharePoint administration. When multiple administrators are given the power to modify SharePoint settings and manipulate pieces of content on SharePoint sites, it is important for organizations to know exactly what changed and how it was changed. This free tool freeware tool sends automated daily reports that highlight all changes made to SharePoint configurations, notifying SharePoint administrators every time an event occurred with detailed change information, such as what changed, as well as both the before and after values of each change. As a result, NetWrix SharePoint Change Reporter allows for improved internal governance and external compliance, while monitoring inaccuracies and unauthorized changes made to SharePoint hosting systems.

Does your organization rely on delegated SharePoint Administration? If so, how can you monitor who made what changes?

Download NetWrix SharePoint Change Reporter