Free Tool of the Day: NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver

Today’s Free Tool of the Day, NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver, archives all e-mail messages in a central location and makes them available for quick e-Discovery/compliance responses with protection against content tampering in PST files and mailboxes.  In today’s “Generation Law-suit” business culture, it’s essential for businesses to be able to protect themselves against costly legal and civil battles, and Exchange Mail Archiver is a scalable e-mail archiving software for Microsoft Exchange that achieves this by automating the otherwise complex e-Discovery process. Archived messages are stored in a highly compressed format to minimize storage usage and increase Exchange server efficiency, and original messages in mailboxes are replaced with short URLs making them available to mailbox owners with minimal user impact. The usage of Exchange Mail Archiver also removes hassles of PST file maintenance and mailbox quota management by removing PST files from your Exchange environment. As a result, the NetWrix tool reduces Exchange storage costs, protects against tampering of e-mail messages, supports e-discovery processes, and enables centralized archiving of all messages.

Is your company currently doing anything to automate e-Discovery processes? If Yes, what? If not, why not?

Download NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver