Free Tool of the Day: NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter

Today’s Free Tool of the Day, NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, Active Directory auditing solution that tracks and reports all changes made to Active Directory and Group Policy and creates change audit reports that show WHO changed WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE for all changes. Active Directory change auditing is an important procedure for tracking unauthorized changes and errors to AD and Group Policy configurations. One single change can put your organization at risk, introducing security breaches and compliance issues. Built-in Active Directory auditing lacks many important features and doesn’t have reporting capabilities. Careful analysis of multi-megabyte Security logs can take enormous resources and still never paint the whole picture. Group Policy change auditing is not available at all. Active Directory Change Reporter provides audit reports that list additions, deletions, and modifications made to Active Directory users, groups, computers, OUs, group memberships, permissions, domain trusts, AD sites, FSMO roles, Group Policy objects and settings, AD schema, and all other types of objects. The modification events indicate before and after values for all modified settings, streamlining compliance to all regulatory auditors, and providing increased visibility of day-to-day administrative activities that threaten infrastructure security. AD Change Reporter is a must-have for all organizations that rely on delegated Active Directory administration.

How are you currently auditing potentially hazardous Active Directory changes?

Download Active Directory Change Reporter

Stephen is a former Product Manager at Netwrix.