Top 5 Identity Management Issues

Summer’s here, and so too is the sun. Unfortunately for IT pros, however, summer vacation doesn’t bring a temporary reprieve from the common identity management pains that we all face on a daily basis. Here are the top 5 most common identity management issues, as indicated by your peers:

1) Forgotten Passwords: Forgotten passwords are the most common IT support issue. Password complexity and expiration policy requirements lead to frequently forgotten passwords and account lockouts, increasing the overall administrative burden.

2) Account lockouts: AD account lockouts are a major source of helpdesk calls that waste the time and money. Implementation of the strong password policies required by many compliance auditors often result in lockouts that cause productivity losses, user frustration and huge administrative burdens.

3) Password Expirations: Passwords that are not changed within required timeframes can cause help desk calls from users and productivity losses. When users only have AD accounts for VPN, OWA, or file shares and never log on interactively, they never see standard Windows notifications, and are often unaware of pending password expirations until it’s too late.

4) User account de-provisioning: Disabling inactive user accounts keeps AD secure and clean, preventing malicious activities from former employees or students. User accounts must be disabled when a user leaves, but IT departments are often the last to know of a departure.

5) Managing privileged accounts: Every IT team uses many user IDs and passwords for managing hardware devices, servers and applications. These accounts rely on default or easy-to-guess passwords in order to allow easy access for administrators, and represent high risks.