Reviews NetWrix Password Manager

Matt Roberts of recently reviewed NetWrix Password Manager. See a recap of Roberts’ review below:

“I have recently had the pleasure of evaluating a password manager product called NetWrix Password Manager. NetWrix Password Manager is a simple solution that gives the end users the ability to reset their forgotten passwords, troubleshoot account lockouts and unlock their accounts manually, through a secure web based interface, or a windows application that integrates with the Windows logon procedure…

Installing and Configuring NetWrix Password Manager
Installing NetWrix Password Manager was a quick, simple five-minute install process. Password Manager does require .Net 2.0 and IIS 6.0 or higher to be installed to complete the installation. You will also need to supply a service password that has rights in Active Directory to reset and unlock accounts. NetWrix provides a QuickStart guide that walks through getting Password Manager Setup and configured. The install is incredibly easy— once you run the install package and click next a few times, you are done and ready to start using the product. But in my experience, it’s always best to review the product installation or setup guide just to make sure you meet the products system requirements…

Once the product is in installed you may want to go into the administrator portal to change some of the default settings. NetWrix Password Manager gives you the flexibility to customize the application to better suit your organization’s needs. You have the options of defining a password policy, creating custom verification questions, or even branding the portal interface with a company logo or support phone number. You can also configure notifications to be sent on certain events such as when a user enrolled or when a user unlocked their account.”

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