Real-Time Alerting tops the list of must-have Event Log Management features

A NetWrix poll was recently taken to gauge primary interests in the intended uses of the Event Log Manager. The results of this poll revealed that of those that responded, 20% needed real-time monitoring. In addition, 10% respectively for both archiving and reporting purposes were cited as the main motivations behind better event log management. … Continued

Poll Results: 40% of IT professionals are not prepared for disasters and want to restore AD without having a backup.

Recently, NetWrix polled IT evaluators regarding interest and use of the Active Directory Object Restore Wizard. Of those polled, nearly 40% were interested in recovering Active Directory objects that were already deleted. Just over 27% stated their needs were for proactively defending against disaster recovery problems. 13% indicated interest in preventing negative changes and/or deletions … Continued

Free Download Friday: NetWrix USB Blocker

Have you “Liked” NetWrix on Facebook? If not, what are you waiting for? Like NetWrix on Facebook and visit every Friday to download your free tool. Today’s Free Download Friday tool is NetWrix USB Blocker. Is your organization protected from data theft and malware spread? Like NetWrix on Facebook to download NetWrix USB Blocker and … Continued

Part 3 of 3: Recent polls reveal interesting facts about Active Directory, Logon Events, and Exchange mailbox auditing requirements

Polled download activity for the Non-Owner Mailbox Access Reporter revealed that over 87% of Exchange administrators are split nearly evenly between wanting to know non-owner mailbox access and BOTH owner and non-owner access. Both types of access won over basic non-owner access by slightly more than 3%. Just over 12% cite miscellaneous reasons for interest. … Continued

New Product: NetWrix Releases Change Auditing and Identity Management Suite

NetWrix Corporation is excited to announce the release of NetWrix Change Auditing and Identity Management Suite for integrated enterprise-wide change auditing of the entire IT infrastructure and identity management automation. The solution, which combines the functionality offered in NetWrix Change Reporter Suite and NetWrix Identity Management Suite, centrally audits and reports on all IT infrastructure … Continued

Part 2 of 3: Recent polls reveal interesting facts about Active Directory, Logon Events, and Exchange mailbox auditing requirements

Administrators polled when downloading NetWrix Logon Reporter what motivates them to gain a better understanding of these events. The results were very interesting. Here’s how it breaks down: Nearly 18% cited a known compliance need and 21% indicated an organizational security requirement was driving interest. Slightly less than 16% were reacting to a security incident … Continued

Don’t forget the needs below the Cloud.

A recent news release by Real-Status CTO, Stace Hipperson points out that VM Sprawl is a major threat to businesses in the cloud. To these points I agree however let’s not forget about those organizations that rely heavily on virtual machines as part of their infrastructure that have yet or do not plan on entering … Continued