NetWrix Regional Expansion on the West Coast

California Expansion NetWrix Corporation is excited to announce its continued expansion with the official launch of its new West Coast sales and support division in Irvine, California. The new division is an integral part of NetWrix’s growth strategy and will further substantiate the company’s industry leadership in change auditing. In addition to the new West Coast division, NetWrix has recently opened an office in Boston, as well as a localized sales and support branch in Japan. Both new sales and support divisions will offer completely localized products, resources, sales and support for customers in Japan and the West Coast. NetWrix is now gearing to continue expanding into other parts of the United States, as well as Europe and Asia.

“The recent expansions of NetWrix have all been key measures in the company’s growth strategy,” said NetWrix President and CEO Michael Fimin. “The new branch in California is specifically dedicated to providing the West Coast with more concentrated resources and attention that will localize the sales and support processes and make NetWrix more efficient and competitive in this region.”

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