New Product: NetWrix Releases Change Auditing and Identity Management Suite

NetWrix Corporation is excited to announce the release of NetWrix Change Auditing and Identity Management Suite for integrated Change Auditing and Identity Managemententerprise-wide change auditing of the entire IT infrastructure and identity management automation. The solution, which combines the functionality offered in NetWrix Change Reporter Suite and NetWrix Identity Management Suite, centrally audits and reports on all IT infrastructure changes, and simultaneously addresses the most common identity management challenges.

Important capabilities provided by NetWrix Change Auditing and Identity Management Suite include:
• Complete IT infrastructure auditing of all significant changes, including those made to Active Directory, file servers, Microsoft Exchange, storage appliances such as NetApp or EMC Celerra, VMware, SQL Server databases, SharePoint, network devices and more.
• Detailed audit reports that highlight all who, what, when and where information regarding each change, with before and after values of every modification included.
• Real-time alerts on IT infrastructure changes — customizable e-mail notifications when something critical changes in the IT infrastructure.
• Agent-less and agent-based Active Directory auditing — both modes offer the highest level of flexibility to balance between scalability and lightweight operation.
• Self-service password management that eliminates password-related help desk calls and eases the implementation of strong password policies in Active Directory.
• Real-time Active Directory account lockout detection, investigation and resolution.
• Automatic notification of impending password expirations for remote users.

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Would the NetWrix Change Auditing and Identity Management Suite be beneficial to your organization? How are you currently balacning change auditing and identity management challenges?