Real-Time Alerting tops the list of must-have Event Log Management features

A NetWrix poll was recently taken to gauge primary interests in the intended uses of the Event Log Manager. The results of this poll revealed that of those that responded, 20% needed real-time monitoring. In addition, 10% respectively for both archiving and reporting purposes were cited as the main motivations behind better event log management. Results of this poll are displayed below:

Event Log Management Poll Results

What stands out most in this poll were the more than 26% of responders citing the need for real-time alerting. This means administrators know events are taking place in real-time and the only way to effectively respond to those events is to have a tool notifying them at the same pace. Learning about negative events after-the-fact is helpful when shaping policies and improving security but that means the damage was done hours if not days or even months earlier. It also means that the opportunity to minimize the negative effects of a system event is surrendered. Successful administrators understand that notification by itself is helpful and real-time notification means the difference between lost productivity and keeping the organization’s resources at their highest potential availability and performance levels.

NetWrix Event Log Manager provides real-time alerting and reports on important system events in the IT infrastructure. Are you successfully employing any methods of real-time event log analysis and reporting of critical system events? Please add your comments below.


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