Overwhelming Number of Sysadmins Need Early Low Disk Space Warning

In a recent download poll conducted by NetWrix, an astounding 81% of respondents indicated they need a low disk space warning on their servers. This percentage represents numerous environments where conservation of precious storage is a daily activity. Administrators will frequently monitor disk space usage by the systems themselves (software installations, updates, and patches), and on some systems the risk originated from the manufacturer who shipped the server with poorly partitioned disks, sometimes providing only 5GB for the operating system. The greatest risk however, comes from the end users themselves where the average amount of data per user continues to soar.
Low Disk Space Warning
When faced with tight budgets and the possibility of having to rebuild a server to correct partition problems, or, having to invest money in specialized disk partition tools, Administrators need a good way to monitor what they have currently to ensure it’s used appropriately and do prevent the risk of a system crash or data loss because of low disk space. While many organizations have acceptable use policies for technology, these can be difficult to enforce and are subject to exceptions. Administrators are also guilty of making excessive use of network storage resources for various software installation packages, virtual machines and imaged hardware. For these reasons, it’s essential to monitor disk space use daily and this also applies to systems where there is an abundance of storage so as to ensure users are only making use of what they are allowed.

Consider too the threat of a virus infiltrating the network serving files for hackers and their associates. Threats may also originate internally where a skilled admin can make extensive use of a network’s vast storage and high-speed internet capabilities to support non-work related activities such as gaming and file sharing services. Even with the cost of storage being the lowest ever seen, it’s important for administrators to have a firm grasp on what it’s being used for, where it’s stored and how frequently and to what degree it’s changing. NetWrix Disk Space Monitor sends daily reports based on configured disk space thresholds to prevent data loss and system downtime.

What kinds of disk space risks are you working to correct? Is senior management in support of enforcing or implementing acceptable use policies to help? Please share your thoughts below: