Free Tip Sheet for Active Directory Auditing

Want to improve your auditing in Active Directory? Have a look at this tip sheet posted recently on our site. In it you’ll find some of the most important information you need to know about auditing Active Directory. This resource should help you implement the best possible Active Directory audit on an ongoing basis while … Continued

Event Log Management free-of-charge?

From now until March 31, any customer who purchases NetWrix Change Reporter Suite or Active Directory Change Reporter will automatically be entitled to receive NetWrix Event Log Manager at no charge.

Starting in 2012, change auditing will dominate while security measures catch up

Technology has produced a brave new world without physical boundaries, few rules and unprecedented risks. Our collective sense of security has deteriorated rapidly in recent years and that trend will continue through 2012. As much as technology has provided great opportunity and enrichment, our dependence on it has produced some less favorable results such as … Continued

IT Survival 101: How to get approval for your auditing project.

Many of you may understand the importance of auditing changes in your environment. Perhaps some of you have been thinking about how to justify IT projects to satisfy your IT audit checklist. You know the face of IT as we know it is changing rapidly. Now more than any other time since the dawn of … Continued