IT Survival 101: How to get approval for your auditing project

Many of you may understand the importance of auditing changes in your environment. Perhaps some of you have been thinking about how to justify IT projects to satisfy your IT audit checklist. You know the face of IT as we know it is changing rapidly. Now more than any other time since the dawn of the information age, auditing changes in your environment is more important than ever before.
IT audit checklist
If you have a long list of projects to audit changes and perhaps support compliance auditing, or improve security, the best way to get the attention of senior management is to talk in their terms. You need to talk about the bottom line and costs of risks. Justify IT projects like you would an insurance policy for your home, or a good security system to help keep family and valuables safe. The biggest challenge is to get management to acknowledge the risks. Once you have established that there is a problem, move quickly to how you will fix it.

There are tools available for organizations of all sizes to meet any IT budget. The solution you choose needs to be able to satisfy your IT audit checklist as well as your IT budget. For some this may require shifting priorities away from other activities, however, the benefits gained will greatly outweigh the costs. NetWrix offers the Change Reporter Suite that delivers auditing changes on Active Directory, Group Policy, Windows Servers, File Servers and appliances and more. Does justifying or shifting your IT budget feel like scaling a brick wall with your bare hands? Please share your thoughts and comments below: