Event Log Management free-of-charge?

From now until March 31, any customer who purchases NetWrix Change Reporter Suite or Active Directory Change Reporter will automatically be entitled to receiveNetWrix Event Log Manager at no charge.

Change Reporter Suite is a multi-award winning integrated solution for IT infrustructire change auditing and regulatory compliance. Active Directory Change Reporter is a powerful AD auditing solution that tracks and reports all changes made to AD and Group Policy.

Act now and get NetWrix Event Log Manager at absolutely no cost.

Event Log Manager, which collects event logs from multiple computers across a given network, alerts on the most critical events and centrally stores them in a compressed format that enables convenient analysis of archived event log data. Coupled with Change Reporter Suite, Event Log Manager provides NetWrix customers with the complete change auditing and event logging capability necessary to ensure compliance with regulations and security policies, and maintain visibility into all IT infrastructure changes.

Considering that Event Log Manager is not a part of Change Reporter Suite, customers who act now will enjoy significant savings.

You can download your free trials of Change Reporter Suite, Active Directory Change Reporter and Event Log Manager to evaluate the product benefits yourself, or view Event Log Manager pricing tiers below to gain a better understanding of just how much money you can save by acting now.

Managed Servers/Workstations LIST PRICE (YOU SAVE)
25 Managed Servers/Workstations $625.00
150 Managed Servers/Workstations $3,000.00
400 Managed Servers/Workstations $7,000.00
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