High marks for NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter by Redmond Magazine

In a March 2012 product review of Active Directory Change Reporter 7.0, Derek Schauland of Redmond Magazine gave a high score. He started by pointing out how native tools simply aren’t enough to get the job done when auditing Active Directory. He noted that it is both easy to use and offers many features administrators need.
Auditing Active Directory
What administrators really need are real-time alerts and e-mail reports to effectively manage Active Directory changes. Among the many features, he especially appreciated the Active Directory Object Restore Wizard that is included with the software. He noted that having an AD restore tool that was this straightforward and upfront is “always a plus.”

If you haven’t done so already, take a look at Active Directory Change Reporter and the Active Directory Object Restore Wizard. These two tools combined will greatly improve your control over AD monitoring and provide much needed tools like reporting not available natively and object/attribute restoration. Active Directory Change Reporter and Object Restore Wizard are also part of the Change Reporter Suite which offers oversight and control over other applications and devices such as Group Policy, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, File Servers, Windows Servers, Network appliances, EMC Celerra/VNX and more. Share your AD management troubles and challenges below or tell us what other applications lack good native auditing tools.