Configuration Auditing is the #1 Security Technology for Next 5 Years According to Forrester

According to a recent Forrester Research, TechRadar report, configuration auditing tops the list of 5 Security Technologies for next 3 to 5 years. Per Forrester, configuration auditing systems will be in much wider use because of the increasing number of data breaches and current regulatory environment and “have the potential to become ubiquitous in enterprise security organizations.” The four other technologies mentioned (in order of importance) were malware analysis, network encryption, predictive threat modeling and DDoS mitigation controls. Based on the findings of this report, security professionals agree that no other single technology is going to better enable them to secure their IT infrastructure than fundamental Configuration Auditing.

Forrester logoThe reason is quite simple: Configuration auditing is the best way to detect the first signs of trouble. Someone wishing to do harm must make a change in the environment to further their objectives. Detecting changes and reporting them in a timely manner as well as over the long term is the single most effective means of protecting the IT infrastructure.

Configuration auditing (including change and “state-in-time” auditing) has been the sole Netwrix focus and core competency. By approaching security and compliance with our powerful and comprehensive AuditAssurance™ technology, Netwrix Auditor continues to be a proven information technology audit solution with customers and the IT community overall. Netwrix was recognized by more than 40 industry awards and the organization as a whole has experienced 10x growth.

Where does your organization stand with regards to auditing configuration changes in your environment? Do you believe this trend will continue as Forrester Research has predicted and why? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Chris is a former Senior Director of Product Management at Netwrix. He has been involved in various technology roles from desktop support to network management and technical training to sales and product management for more than 20 years. Happilly married, father of two, writer, singer/songwriter, runner and all-around curious explorer of life and all that it has to offer.