NetWrix Sets New Standard for Unified Auditing with the New Version of Active Directory Change Reporter

The long-awaited Active Directory Change Reporter 7.1 is finally released featuring the improved support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 among other new features and filling the gap left by Microsoft’s native auditing.

NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter clearly displays the “4 W detail”: WHO changed WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE for all changes without having to resolve complicated native identifiers. The product uses a combination of techniques to collect data and supports both agentless mode and non-intrusive agent-based mode (with agents needed solely for network traffic compression).

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Active Directory Change Reporter fills the gap left by Microsoft’s native auditing and allows users to easily track all changes made to AD and Group Policy such as permission delegation and schema changes, and report them in a human-readable form. This is made possible thanks to the unique NetWrix technology AuditIntelligence,™ incorporated in all modules of the NetWrix Change Reporter platform, that allows users to transform raw audit data into meaningful and actionable intelligence to drive security and compliance efforts.

Actionable audit data can also be filtered on-screen by criteria, such as the name of a person who made changes or accessed data, time period, and other parameters. Real-time alerts and automated scheduled report delivery via subscription ensure that administrators, security and compliance officers receive critical information exactly when it is needed.

Building on the success of the previous version, the newest release extends leadership in Active Directory monitoring with the following new features:

–          Improved support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

–          Improved scalability in larger AD environments

–          Integration with NetWrix Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange

–          Primary group membership displayed in Snapshot Reports

–          Support for additional languages in report filters

–          New reports for Active Directory

–          Configurable audit database retention policy

Active Directory Change Reporter is available in Freeware and Enterprise editions (see a side-by-side comparison of editions). The Enterprise edition can be purchased perpetually for less than half the price that customers might pay for a competitive product’s yearly maintenance. A free 20-day evaluation of the Enterprise edition is also available.

NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter is a part of NetWrix Change Reporter Suite, a modular auditing platform that supports the widest variety of IT systems and applications, such as Exchange, Group Policy, file servers, network devices, SQL Server, VMware, SharePoint and more. Most of the modules can be purchased separately.

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