Unified Auditing of Exchange and Non-owner Mailbox Access

Great news! Now NetWrix Exchange Change Reporter features extended functionality – the non-owner mailbox access reporting which is critical to ensure reliable email operation, security and compliance.

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The new NetWrix Exchange Change Reporter generates crystal-clear reports that show all created, deleted, and modified objects and configuration settings in an Exchange environment as well as audits who gained access to what mailboxes of other users, what items inside mailboxes and what changes were made and when.

Non-owner mailbox access auditing and reporting is also a cornerstone of major regulatory compliance regulations (e.g. SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA) and helps preventing incidents similar to WikiLeaks. Thus the new Exchange Change Reporter fills another gap left Microsoft’s native auditing tools e.g. the absence of convenient reporting mechanisms (see NetWrix Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter for Exchange vs Built-in Tools Summary: Limitations of Native Tools to learn more).

This enhancement is just one more step towards unified change and configuration auditing of critical systems across the entire IT infrastructure – a new approach developed by NetWrix as a part of a new product strategy.

By default NetWrix Exchange Change Reporter is a part of NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, the comprehensive change auditing solution that reports on all kinds of changes in an Active Directory environment but is also capable of tracking changes to Group Policy and Exchange using the respective add-ons.