Reduce help desk calls with the new version of NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier

According to a study by Forrester Research, 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are password related, and these calls cost the site an average of $70 each. Password expiration is a common IT support issue – passwords that are not changed before they expire can cause an increased number of help desk calls and productivity losses.

NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier solution empowers companies to significantly reduce costs on help desk calls which are often caused by remote and mobile device users. An increasing number of companies allow their employees to work remotely, and those who do not work from home are often allowed to “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).

Users working remotely (VPN, OWA), Linux and Mac desktops don’t have password change prompts to remind users about expiring passwords and therefore might easily become locked out. Password Expiration Notifier solves this issue by sending advance reminders. This enables companies to save costs related to remote and mobile device users.

The newest release of NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier 3.2 now includes Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 platform support among the following features:

Freeware edition:

  • Support for the installation on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • Support for Windows 2012-based domains
  • Improved performance
  • Support for both trusted and non-trusted domains
  • Reports on accounts expiration, in addition to passwords expiration
  • Ability to ignore the domain password policy and estimate expiration dates based on the granular password policies only
  • Ability to overwrite the “Maximum Password Age” group policy setting used for the expiration date estimation
  • Typical fixes and updates

Enterprise edition:

  • All the new features available in the Freeware edition
  • Advanced filtering options: ability to filter out specific organizational units
  • User notifications on account expiration, in addition to the password expiration notification

NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier is a part of NetWrix Identity Management Suite.
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