50% of IT shops still don’t have SIEM

A recent NetWrix survey showed that 50% of the survey participants had no SIEM solution; leaving them vulnerable to security breaches and compliance failures. These failures will eventually result in financial, intellectual property losses and in some cases damage to an organization’s reputation. Often these failures take years to recovery from and some organizations never recover.

Many customers believe that they can rely on anti-virus solutions alone to catch security issues or breaches, but with a high initial rate of failure and the constantly evolving threats landscape this simply won’t work. Most security experts agree that a multi-layered strategy including a Configuration and Change management solution, SIEM and a strong Identity & Access Governance strategy is critical to maintaining a secure and efficient environment.

NetWrix’s Change Reporter Suite, the #1 Change Auditing platform, is built with SIEM 2.0 technology providing a broad solution that will fit easily into any multi-layered security strategy.  For more information check out the Change Reporter Suite web page and also check out our view on The ABCs of Security and Compliance.