Netwrix Change Reporter is Now Netwrix Auditor

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Forrester named configuration auditing the #1 security technology for next 5 years:
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“Configuration auditing tools can help you analyze your configurations according to best practices, enforce configuration standards and adhere to regulatory requirements.”

Following our recent announcement of the award-winning product name change from Netwrix Change Reporter to Netwrix Auditor, there has already been a fair amount of buzz around it. I wanted to offer some additional insight into key drivers behind this strategic change and set the scene for what is still to come.

The new product name truly represents the maturity of the existing product version 4.0, its tremendous value to customers, core functionality, as well as better supports our global product development strategy.

This has been timed with the corporate rebranding aimed to reflect the maturity of our entire company, a holder of more than 50 industry awards and #33 on the Inc. 500 list of the Fastest Growing Software Companies in America.

The most exciting part is that there are major updates to our information technology audit solution coming in Q3…and what better name to embody them all than Netwrix Auditor?

Netwrix Auditor provides you the most complete configuration auditing solution with the broadest coverage of supported systems and a clear display of the ‘5 Ws’ – Who, What, Where, When and Why details including the ‘before and after values’. According to Forrester, configuration auditing systems ‘have the potential to become ubiquitous in enterprise security organizations.’

If you are interested to see just how simple and efficient Netwrix makes configuration auditing, join one of our live webinars or try the solution yourself for free.