Live Webinar: Top 5 Critical Changes to Audit in Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has found its way to many IT environments just like yours, and for many organizations it has already become a critical service. Regardless of SharePoint deployment size and maturity, absence of proper change documentation and audit can lead to a serious risk to the organization’s regulatory compliance, confidentiality of sensitive data, or business continuity.

Join us on June 26 at 12:00 PM EDT to learn from industry experts Ron Charity, Enterprise Architect, and Ilia Sotnikov, Director of Product Management at Netwrix:

  • See real life examples of how processes and policies can fall short when not supported with the real change audit data.
  • Learn what critical aspects of a SharePoint environment you should watch closely to mitigate compliance and security risks.
  • Find out how Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint is helping organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect information and minimize risk to business operations.

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