IT Is Spicing It up with Software Defined Solutions

Last week I was able to attend the SpiceWorld event sponsored by Spiceworks in Austin TX, a fantastic event held in the heart of TX. This was my first time at the event that is focused on the IT professional that is in the trenches day to day. I must say I was very impressed with the attendance at the event and was really impressed with the vendors that were there showing their solutions.

During the event I had time to talk to a large number of the sponsors and attendees, what I found is that these IT Pro’s were interested in making services they offer internally and externally simpler, faster to consume and more valuable. The ability of the solutions to automate, orchestrate and integrate easily with current and future infrastructures was of critical interest to the attendees.

The Mid-Market segment doesn’t have the large teams or support organizations that enterprises have. Thus they need solutions that are much more intuitive to use, easier to procure and provide results rather than requiring extensive day to day management and customization. In order to accomplish the goals attendees were interested in what has been referred to as the Software Defined Data Center.

This was clearly represented by the number of booths that offered Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking and Identity Management solutions. The solutions I saw at this event had enterprise level capabilities with simple to use interfaces that were designed to integrate easily with multiple offerings. These solutions are automating most of the needed allowing IT to be much more efficient so they could focus on adding new services rather than continually tweaking or managing day to day operations. By the way the booths that had Software solutions seemed much busier than the traditional hardware vendors from what I noticed.

After spending this week at SpiceWorld it is becoming clear to me that the Mid-Market segment is moving faster to consume new technologies than some of the larger enterprises. Driven by tight budgets, less staff and the need to be able to deliver new services to their users and ultimately the people they do business with. The Mid-Market and could be showing us the future of IT not because of how cool the technology is, but by how easy it is to use. I personally can’t wait to see what happens this time next year when SDx is main stream so the container technologies can truly form the Software Defined Data Center.

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