Top 3 Guides for IT Audit

The topic of IT security is becoming more important in the IT world today as the number of security risks, cyber-attacksdata leakage incidents and court proceedings, investigations and following violation settlements increases. In most cases attacks are quite difficult to predict and to notice, and it’s usually very hard to recover from a missed attack. This is why organizations need IT audit. Knowing that your system administrators have full control over your IT environment and will not let an intrusion go unnoticed gives you a long-wished-for peace of mind. Also, an ability to quickly create a detailed report for your management showing what is going on in your IT infrastructure is a one more headache avoided. IT auditing saves not only time but money too, since preventing a breach is far less costly than cleaning up after it.

There is a way to set up native audit of key systems without using any additional software. Here is a list of Quick Reference Guides on auditing major systems which will help you do it. Don’t hesitate to download and use them:

If this approach to auditing with native functionality seems too tedious or if it is insufficient for the needs of your company, you can turn to Netwrix Auditor and save time and efforts.

Netwrix Auditor keeps track of every change and provides easy-to-read, on-demand, or scheduled reports. Changes are tracked and logged with their “before” and “after” values, so you can address problems immediately and with confidence. The key technology aspects include lightweight, non-intrusive agents, state-in-time configuration assessment, detailed reporting and real-time alerting. Netwrix Auditor is an easy to integrate unified platform, which provides technical capabilities of auditing a broad range of systems and applications.

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory with Group Policy auditing feature makes Group Policy change auditing tasks very easy and straightforward. This product sends daily reports detailing every single change made to Group Policy configuration. The reports list newly created and deleted GPOs, GPO link changes, changes made to audit policy, password policy, software deployment, user desktops, and all other settings. The data includes Who, What, and When information for all changes with previous and current values for all modified settings.

Netwrix Auditor for VMware is a comprehensive solution that gives you complete visibility into all changes made within your VMware ESX, ESXi and vSphere environment. Based on the award-winning Netwrix Auditor platform, this solution covers the key critical areas of VMware reporting and auditing.

Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server gives you complete visibility into all changes made within your SQL environment. This comprehensive solution htlps keep track of SQL instance configuration changes that impact availability and confidentiality of databases, get reports on all security changes on any level and covers some other important compliance requirements.

You can find more Quick Reference Guides here.

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