Visibility into Virtual Environment: Focus on VMware Server Security

Virtualization is something that has been gaining popularity among IT Pros in past several years, and not without reason. Multiple operation systems and applications can be run on a single server thus saving costs and resources. But virtual machines, not unlike any other part of IT infrastructure, are exposed to intrusions – external as well as internal, followed by security breaches causing data loss. Keeping virtual environment running securely should be the key intension of an IT Pro who is concerned with smooth functioning of system operations and prepared for the unexpected. If you are one of them, this issue of “SysAdmin Magazine” will serve your needs.

The seventh issue gives thorough advice on VMware security, including IT tips for system administrators. This issue is also dredged with overviews of the most recent data breaches.

  • Discover top advice on security of VMware environment
  • Learn about the latest data breaches
  • Check out a Quick Reference Guide and set up native auditing for VMware server
  • Get a professional opinion on password management tools

Make security of a virtual environment your priority with the new issue of “SysAdmin Magazine”


Danny is a former Senior Sales Engineer at Netwrix, a blogger and a presenter with over 10 years of experience in IT.