3 Basic Steps to Exchange Server Security

If communication is the lifeblood of an organization, it could be fair to assume that Exchange functions is its heart. An Exchange server, especially one that hosts the mailbox server role, stores messages – both external and internal. An attacker that gains administrative access to Exchange deployment can also gain access to all stored communication and … Continued

Securing SharePoint: How and Why

SharePoint is one of the easiest applications to deploy and install, but it is not easy to configure with full proof security. Many administrators just perform the basic deployment without much security configuration. There is no set configuration to make it fully secure, since every environment is different and security configuration optimization varies to meet … Continued

Four Ways to Create Secure Passwords in a Team Environment

Any number of unknowns can threaten the security of your environment, but the leading common denominator in threat scenarios is how your team manages their passwords within your environment. Creating and maintaining secure passwords within a team environment comes with unique challenges. You need to monitor not just the quality of the passwords and their … Continued

Top 10 Things that SysAdmins Really Hate

The role of system administrators is often unjustly underestimated, people only think of them when something is on fire – hopefully, just metaphorically, but who knows. Understanding, that your workplace is functioning only due to their uninterrupted vigilance, is probably the nicest gift you can give to them. Look around your office and pick out … Continued