[Infographics] 2016 Cloud Security Report

Cloud is now a fully fledged part of the IT strategy for organizations, regardless of their size, industry or geographical distribution.  Main reasons for organizations to move to the cloud are scalability, better availability, cost savings and flexibility in resource utilization. Along with this benefits there are lot of challenges and concerns regarding cloud security. … Continued

Windows Information Protection: Your Private Security Helper

Windows Information Protection (WIP) provides organizations with a set of features to support a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system and enable separation of corporate and personal data to prevent leaks. In this article, I’ll explain how WIP works. Why Use WIP? As corporate data becomes increasingly mobile, leaving the confines of the office and traversing … Continued

Netwrix Auditor is SC Awards 2017 Finalist

Netwrix Auditor announced as SC Awards 2017 finalist for the “Best Regulatory Compliance Solution” and “Best Database Security Solution”! Netwrix Auditor is a visibility and governance platform that enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid cloud IT environments to protect data regardless of its location. Unlike legacy IT audit software, the platform provides … Continued

2016 Netwrix Security Cloud Report

Cloud computing offers great benefits for organizations, regardless of their size, industry or business specifics. In the last year’s survey, we discovered that the main reasons why organizations move to the cloud were scalability, availability, cost savings and flexibility in resource utilization. While organizations work to stay competitive by increasing staff efficiency and optimizing IT … Continued

Should Mailboxes Be Shared or Inactive?

When people leave the company, change roles, or departments get closed, oftentimes you’ll need to keep the messages and mailbox contents that accumulated while those accounts were in service. To do this used to be fairly simple for organizations that were running Exchange Server on premises deployments—you converted the mailbox in question to a shared … Continued

R.I.P. Sysadmin Game Results

Hi IT Pros! Thank you for taking part in our competition. We were blown away by the record number of players and we want to thank every single one of you for your participation and time. The lucky winners are: Matthew Thompson Daniel Ramirez Sifiso Mnisi Tom Hallam Naveen Merudi The winners will be contacted … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: You Can`t Trick Me, I`m SysAdmin

The Halloween edition of SysAdmin Magazine is all about best practices and strategies that sysadmins use to protect their IT infrastructure against the wicked spells of insider threats, ransomware, and security incidents. Feeling yourself in danger? Try our magical (but reliable) tips to combat the ugliest creatures of the IT world. In the bewitching the … Continued