2016 Netwrix Security Cloud Report

Cloud computing offers great benefits for organizations, regardless of their size, industry or business specifics. In the last year’s survey, we discovered that the main reasons why organizations move to the cloud were scalability, availability, cost savings and flexibility in resource utilization.

While organizations work to stay competitive by increasing staff efficiency and optimizing IT infrastructure and expenses, they are increasingly challenged to tighten data security and comply with the privacy regulations that have been adopted worldwide. Even though cloud providers prioritize security and, in many cases, organizations cannot achieve the same level of security for their on-prem IT infrastructures, cloud computing does introduce new risks. These include third-party access to systems and data, unauthorized access by employees, increasingly sophisticated attackers, and lack of visibility into what is happening to data in the cloud.

Netwrix is happy to present you our 2016 Cloud Report and thanks all 660 IT professionals who shared their experience, plans and thoughts about cloud computing. They represent businesses of all sizes operating in a range of industries around the world. This report summarizes the feedback we received, and attempts to identify trends and shifts in the perception and utilization of cloud technologies.

This new Netwrix Report reveals:

  • Cloud technology perception
  • Cloud technology penetration
  • State of cloud security
  • Cloud technology benefits
  • Respondent demographics
  • Conclusions & recommendations


Key report findings:

68% of companies use the cloud today, while in 2015, only 43% did.

70% of IT pros are concerned about the security and data privacy in the cloud.

61% of organizations see their own employees as the biggest threat to data security in the cloud.

To discover more facts and information about the state of cloud security, download the 2016 Netwrix Cloud Security Report for free.