[Infographics] Is Cloud Secure for Healthcare?

Healthcare organizations face multiple pressure when it comes to data security: high customer expectations, critical internal policies, strict compliance regulations, and increased attention from hackers, since the interest to personally identifiable information is only growing.

The cloud offers a host of benefits, but can it provide the level of security required by the sensitive nature of healthcare? Netwrix surveyed healthcare organizations – both cloud adopters and cloud skeptics – to learn about their concerns and their actual experience of data security in the cloud.

The infographic highlights healthcare organizations’ main concerns about cloud technology and their actual experience of data security in the cloud infrastructure. It is based on the recent Netwrix Cloud Security Report.

100% of cloud users in the healthcare are not ready to move the entire IT infrastructure to the cloud

Data security is the main pitfall of cloud adoption:

40% of them say the decision is based on security issues

Download infographic PDF to view all statistics and survey results:

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