SysAdmin Magazine: May the PowerShell Be with You

All the brave Jedi who face the everyday challenge of mastering Active Directory,

We came to help you. The June issue of Sysadmin magazine brings you a lightsaber of IT security world —sacred PowerShell cmdlets that will move your IT infrastructure security to an intergalactic level.


  • Discover New Users in Active Directory and Email Their Credentials

Learn how to discover new users added in Active Directory within the last 24 hours and email their credentials using PowerShell.

  • [Infographics] 2017 Top IT Risks

The 2017 IT Risks Report unveils how organizations are working to combat cybersecurity risks. Check out the study with highlights in the form of infographics.

  • Find Disabled or Inactive Users and Computers in Active Directory

The article provides a handy PowerShell script that you can use to find disabled or inactive user and computer accounts in Active Directory.

  • Create Active Directory Users in Bulk and Email Their Credentials

This step-by-step guide will help you create Active Directory accounts in bulk and send them welcome email in two simple steps using PowerShell.

  • Detecting Delegated Permissions in Active Directory

Discover how to delegate, detect and remove permissions in Active Directory using built-in tools and check out a custom PowerShell script that scans Active Directory.

  • Free Tool of the Mont: Netwrix Audit or Free Community Edition

The free version of Netwrix Auditor that keeps you updated on user activity in your hybrid cloud IT environment

  • How-to for IT Pro: Find Out Who Unlocked a User Account

Learn how to detect who unlocked a user account in 5 easy steps, so you can spot any that were unlocked without proper approval and respond quickly to protect your systems and data.

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