[Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks in Finance

Netwrix conducted its 2017 IT Risks Survey to learn more about the security, compliance and operational issues that bother organizations in more than 30 industries worldwide. We continue to review the main cybersecurity risks that bother organizations of various sizes and industries. Did you miss the previous blog posts? Catch up here: IT Risks in SMBs and … Continued

Sysadmin Under Fire Game. Play Now!

Are you ready to go back in time to the Golden age of gaming? Meet the brand new 8-bit Sysadmin Under Fire Game! It’s simple and classy: a million of tickets is falling on you every second – jammed printers, forgotten passwords, locked keyboards, lame Internet Explorer and the list keeps going. Hold in there! … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: I Am a Sysadmin

Are you a hard-working, sharp-minded sysadmin? A true rock-star of server rooms and IT systems? If you are – then you’ll definitely enjoy the Special edition of SysAdmin Magazine dedicated to the Sysadmin Day. Five sysadmins from the Spiceworks community share their work cases, anecdotes and IT hacks proving how awesome and irreplaceable sysadmins are. … Continued

PowerShell: Active Directory Optimization

The Netwrix blog is famous for its series of blog posts that provide IT pros with powerful PowerShell commands for Active Directory. Using these helpful cmdlets, you can easily collect the required information without spending too much time on scripting. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Today, we compiled a list of all these blog posts so … Continued

How to Collect AD Site Information Using PowerShell

A good old PowerShell will help you in case you wish to collect AD site information such as Active Directory site location, site options configured, ISTG assigned to the site, Site links and bridgehead servers. Below PowerShell Script uses New-Object function to connect to Directory Context and then get all Active Directory sites. All Active … Continued

How to Get a List of Expired User Accounts in AD Using PowerShell

One of the most important tasks that an Active Directory administrator performs is ensuring that expired user accounts are reported in a timely manner and that action is taken to immediately remove or disable them. Note that user accounts for which you set an expiration date are only created temporarily. For example, you might have … Continued

How to Find Locked Out User Accounts in Active Directory Using PowerShell

It isn’t difficult to find locked-out user account information from Active Directory as long as you use PowerShell. The PowerShell cmdlet Search-ADAccount can provide you with a list of user accounts that have been locked out of the system, as is shown in the following PowerShell command: Search-ADAccount -LockedOut -UsersOnly -ResultPageSize 2000 -resultSetSize $null | … Continued

How to Find Inactive Computers in Active Directory Using PowerShell

If you wish to collect stale computer accounts from Active Directory, you can always use the Get-ADComputer PowerShell cmdlet. As the name suggests, Get-ADComputer targets only computer accounts. Get-ADComputer does not provide any parameter that allows you to specifically collect stale computer accounts; however, it does feature a “-Filter” switch, which lets you specify a … Continued

[Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks for Healthcare Industry

Netwrix conducted its 2017 IT Risks Survey to learn more about the security, compliance and operational issues that bother organizations worldwide. We asked IT pros from over 30 industries about their thoughts on the adequacy of existing IT security controls, the biggest IT risks they face every day and their readiness to beat these risks. … Continued