SysAdmin Magazine: I Am a Sysadmin

Are you a hard-working, sharp-minded sysadmin? A true rock-star of server rooms and IT systems? If you are – then you’ll definitely enjoy the Special edition of SysAdmin Magazine dedicated to the Sysadmin Day. Five sysadmins from the Spiceworks community share their work cases, anecdotes and IT hacks proving how awesome and irreplaceable sysadmins are.


  • First Day Challenge by Tim Roberts

The entire network came to a crawl. While corporate IT is still trying to come up with a strategy in a conference room, a simple Network admin takes action.

  • [Infographics] 2017 Top IT Risks in Healthcare

Which security issues bothered healthcare organizations in 2016? How well were they prepared for cybersecurity risks? Check out these free infographics.

  • Stolen Laptop by Jacob Joyner

A lone warrior (also known as sysadmin) saves the Organization from the data leakage and reveals the power of third-party software.

  • Good Old Sonicwall by Victor Marquez

Sonicwall is dead. Hospital is in chaos. The long-awaited weekend is in danger for every staff member. But one sysadmin knows exactly what to do.

  • Monitoring System Gone Insane by Steve Kleine

Saturday afternoon? Open heart surgery? There are no excuses for skipping your sysadmin duties when monitoring system is crashed.

  • Something Is Fantastically Wrong Here by Paul Bailey

Setting a password for a word document can be a challenge. Thanks God, sysadmin comes to rescue!

  • Top Reasons for Becoming a Sysadmin

Passion for IT, fame and glory, world control, and other top reasons for becoming a Sysadmin. Check out the surprising results of the recent poll.

  • Free Tool of the Month: Account Lockout Examiner

Freeware account lockout tool that alerts you to account lockouts in real time and helps you quickly troubleshoot and resolve them

  • How-to for IT Pro: How to Detect Users Who Have Direct Permissions on Your File Servers

Detect whether Windows Server file permissions were granted directly or via group membership to optimize access control and strengthen your data security.

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