Quick Guide: How to Prevent Ransomware

This year, ransomware has been high on the list of the security issues giving CISO sleepless nights. Although ransomware attacks have been on the rise for some time, this year included an apocalyptic event: WannaCry infecting over 300,000 computers in 99 countries, including those of well-known companies and government organizations worldwide, including Renault, LATAM Airlines, … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: Active Directory. Tame the Beast

Is the activity in your AD shrouded in mystery? Can you be sure no change or access event went under your radar? It’s time to take your AD under total control. With the help of the powerful tips and ready-to-use how-tos that you’ll find in the August edition of Sysadmin Magazine, managing your AD monster … Continued

File and Folder Auditing on Windows Server 2003 and 2008

Auditing files and folders got much easier with Global Object Access auditing in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. However, if your organization is still running Windows Server 2008, or earlier, for instance Windows Server 2003, setting up file and folder auditing will be a little more complicated. In this post, I’ll walk you … Continued

[Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks in Government

In the spring, Netwrix conducted a survey designed to identify IT security, compliance and operations risks that organizations around the globe face on the daily basis. The findings of the survey are summarized in our 2017 IT Risks Report. This series of blog posts dives deeper into the data we collected for various industries. In … Continued

Top 5 Free Tools for NTFS Permissions Reporting

Managers and compliance auditors often ask IT admins to present a report listing file share permissions granted to a group or a particular user. Here are a few free tools that will help you save time on this report generation and export all permissions granted to a user account on a file share and list of NTFS permissions … Continued

Top 4 IT Security Trends to Keep an Eye On

With attacks getting increasingly frequent and sophisticated, the traditional approach to shielding your IT ecosystem is no longer working. You can’t simply tie hands of “bad guys” and give full privileges to “good guys” because you can’t know which users you can actually trust. For example, employees you think are “good” can become malicious insiders … Continued