SysAdmin Magazine: Active Directory. Tame the Beast

Is the activity in your AD shrouded in mystery? Can you be sure no change or access event went under your radar? It’s time to take your AD under total control. With the help of the powerful tips and ready-to-use how-tos that you’ll find in the August edition of Sysadmin Magazine, managing your AD monster won’t be a challenge any longer.


  • 5 How-tos for Active Directory Optimization Using PowerShell

Check 5 how-tos to learn how to find information about such AD objects as inactive computers; users whose passwords never expire; AD site information and much more.

  1. Find Inactive Computers in Active Directory
  2. Find Locked Out User Accounts in Active Directory
  3. Get a List of Expired User Accounts in AD
  4. Get a List of AD Users Whose Passwords Never Expire
  5. Collect AD Site Information
  • [Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks in the Asia Pacific Region

Netwrix conducted its 2017 IT Risks Survey to learn more about the security, compliance and operational issues that bother organizations worldwide. As part of the survey, we’ve extracted some pretty interesting findings about Asian-Pacific organizations based on feedback provided by IT specialists working in various industries in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Using Active Directory to Add an Alias to an Office 365 Email Account

Learn a quick trick on how to add a second email address to an Office 365 email account by using AD.

  • 3 Ways to Secure Service Accounts in Active Directory

Discover best practices for securing service accounts in AD. The use of all these methods combined can greatly improve the security of your organization.

  • Add Sensitive User Accounts to the AD Protected Users Group

Learn how to protect sensitive user accounts against a pass-a-hash attack by adding them to Protected Users group in Active Directory.

  • Free Tool of the Month: Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

Free Active Directory tool that keeps you informed about what’s going on in your AD and Group Policy.


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