Top IT Priorities for 2020

In October 2019, Netwrix asked IT pros to name the five IT projects that will be their top priorities in 2020. We got feedback from 846 respondents worldwide. This is what we learned from their responses.

According to the Netwrix IT Trends 2020 report, data security takes the gold medal as the dominant priority for 2020. It was named by 74% of respondents — including 90% of CISOs and security officers, regardless of their organization’s size, vertical or location. This is no surprise, given the rising number of breaches and the shortage of cybersecurity experts to combat them.

74% of organizations name data security as the dominant priority for 2020

These same factors also likely contribute to automation of manual processes winning the silver medal in the survey. Increased automation was cited by 53% of respondents, including 57% of large businesses. Automation helps organizations boost the productivity and effectiveness of their current IT and cybersecurity talent.

The bronze medal goes to raising cybersecurity awareness, which was cited by 51% of respondents. Organizations recognize the importance of effecting a cultural shift among employees, both IT and non-IT. Surprisingly, this trend is even stronger among SMBs than large enterprises; 60% of SMBs say they will focus on training staff about cybersecurity hygiene.

Although data privacy didn’t make the medal podium, it was named by 43% of respondents. Moreover, it boasted a strong showing among organizations of all sizes and verticals. With the explosion of  compliance regulations focused on data privacy, such as the GDPR and the CCPA, data privacy is likely to be a top IT priority for the next several years.

To see the complete findings in the Netwrix IT Trends 2020 report, visit https://www.netwrix.com/go/ITtrends2020

Top IT Priorities for 2020

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