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Nick Cavalancia is a technical evangelist and founder of IT consulting firm Techvangelism. Nick has over 20 years of enterprise IT experience, 10 years as a tech marketing executive and is an accomplished technology writer, consultant, trainer, speaker, and columnist. He has authored, co-authored and contributed to over a dozen books on Windows, Active Directory, Exchange and other Microsoft technologies and has spoken at many technical conferences on a wide variety of topics. Previously, Nick has held executive marketing positions at ScriptLogic (acquired by Quest, now DELL Software), SpectorSoft and Netwrix where he was responsible for the global messaging, branding, lead generation and demand generation strategies to market technology solutions to an IT-centric customer base.
IT Operations
17 September, 2014

Exchange Server Down: You Only Have Minutes

You just got the call: your Exchange server is not sending or receiving email. Your one and only Exchange server. OK, this is bad. You drop everything and begin to check the Exchange server for...
Security & Compliance
21 August, 2014

Peeling the Onion: How to Survive an IT Audit

We continue the series of articles by Nick Cavalancia on our blog. The previous post was dedicated to Event Logging, today we are going to talk about general approach to IT Audit. An IT Audit is,...
IT Operations
15 August, 2014

Can You Make Sense of Your Security Logs?

The average IT Pro doesn't need to be told stories about big data - you've been inundated with log data from dozens of sources for at least a decade before the term "big data" even came to exist. The...
IT Operations
25 February, 2014

What's Getting Lost in Your Log Data?

When stories come up in the news about data breaches, if you're like me, you tend to gloss over them if they seem similar to something you've already read.  I almost did that today.  But something...
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