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20 April, 2016 | Alex Vovk

4 Rules to Enhance Email Security in the Cloud

The long-existing problem of email hacking appears to be unsolved by 2016. According to the recent warning released by FBI, companies have lost above $2.3 billion over the past three years due to email frauds, in which the employees are tricked into wiring funds to adversaries by fake messages sent...
11 November, 2013 | Nick Cavalancia

Best Practices for Change Management in the Data Center

When it comes to change management, Scott Matteson gets it.  Too many companies today make changes without any kind of change management in place. Scott's approach even includes the mandated use of individual accounts to perform changes so that Auditing of system changes can easily be tied back to...
7 November, 2013 | Nick Cavalancia

Death by Event Log Overload

When it comes to security, event logs are supposed to be the best friends of an IT guy managing the environment, right? Roger Grimes from InfoWorld claims that the evidence of malicious activity can be found in Event Logs. So, if companies today already have all necessary data that points...
12 November, 2012 | Daniel Pershing

Top 5 Freeware IT Infrastructure Auditing Tools

Get the most out of new and updated freeware change auditing tools for Windows administrators and other security professionals. Most of these tools are winners of multiple awards and received highest points from industry experts. 1. Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory - NEW...
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