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19 December, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

[Infographics] IT Risks in Government Sector: Insiders vs. Hackers

We have used the data from 2018 IT Risks Survey to dive deeper into the problems facing federal, state and local government organizations. The survey covers the six most common types of IT risks: physical damage, intellectual property theft, data loss, data breaches, system disruption and...
10 May, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

[Infographics] Government’s Rapid Cloud Adoption Lacks Security

The Obama administration’s “Cloud First Initiative” in 2011 gave federal and local agencies the green light to explore cloud services. Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure immediately provided special offerings targeted at governmental needs, and agencies have been quickly embracing...
22 August, 2017 | Ryan Brooks

[Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks in Government

In the spring, Netwrix conducted a survey designed to identify IT security, compliance and operations risks that organizations around the globe face on the daily basis. The findings of the survey are summarized in our 2017 IT Risks Report. This series of blog posts dives deeper into the data we...
18 January, 2017 | Alex Vovk

[Infographics] Cloud Security: Experience of Government Agencies

Recent 2016 Netwrix Cloud Security Report states that governmental organizations still perceive security to be the biggest inhibitor of cloud adoption. Government agencies and other public sector organizations frequently interact with contractors, suppliers and other third parties. In addition,...
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