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26 July, 2016 | Jonathan Hassell

Top 4 Security Log Events to Audit

In this day and age, any organization with security on the forefront of their list of operational concerns needs to have an audit policy. Generally, this policy defines the types of log entries that will be monitored, the frequency with which those events will be monitored, and the action plan that...
6 November, 2015 | Adam Bertram

Windows Event Log Forwarding in Windows Server 2008

I love Active Directory auditing. I love it because with just a couple clicks of the mouse I can easily create a policy that immediately gets applied to 500 servers that begins recording useful information on about everything that goes on involving those servers. What I hate about AD auditing is...
22 September, 2015 | Adam Bertram

Tracking Malicious Windows Server Events with PowerShell

Windows servers can potentially generate thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—of events daily. Most are created from perfectly safe events that system administrators use to get a glimpse of what’s going on. An event might be generated to indicate a disk is running out of free space, an...
16 July, 2015 | Adam Bertram

Easy Event Log Querying with PowerShell

If you’re using any kind of native Active Directory (AD) auditing today you probably love the information it generates in the security event log. Native AD auditing is awesome about generating loads of useful information as to what happened and when. The problem arises when you actually want to...
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