12 November, 2012 | Daniel Pershing

Top 5 Freeware IT Infrastructure Auditing Tools

Get the most out of new and updated freeware change auditing tools for Windows administrators and other security professionals. Most of these tools are winners of multiple awards and received highest points from industry experts. 1. Netwrix Change Notifier for Active Directory - NEW...
5 October, 2011 | Chris Rich

Top-3 demands for SQL Server auditing

This month’s poll results revealed some very interesting details on what administrators are looking for to support their SQL server environments. Of those polled, 33.6% stated they want SQL configuration settings audited. 22.9% expressed the need for security auditing such as logins and role...
21 January, 2011 | Stephen Schimmel

Free Tool of the Day: NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter

Today’s Free Tool of the Day, NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter, reports changes made to your SQL Server's configurations and databases. It's very hard to keep track of changes and enforce fine-grained delegation rules for environments managed by multiple DBAs and operators, but the NetWrix...
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