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16 September, 2016 | Jonathan Hassell

2 Rules to Secure Office 365 Password Policy Setup

Password policy in Office 365 is much stricter and more secure than that of an on-premises application,  so you no longer have to worry about setting and enforcing different authentication policies for your users. But still, you should align Office365 security settings with your overall enterprise...
20 April, 2016 | Alex Vovk

4 Rules to Enhance Email Security in the Cloud

The long-existing problem of email hacking appears to be unsolved by 2016. According to the recent warning released by FBI, companies have lost above $2.3 billion over the past three years due to email frauds, in which the employees are tricked into wiring funds to adversaries by fake messages sent...
28 December, 2015 | Richard Muniz

What To Do about Passwords in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

One post thread on Spiceworks caught my eye.  The Spicehead wanted to know what to do about passwords when it came to DR plans.  Was he supposed to put the passwords into it, or just what was he supposed to do with them.  Well, the first thing you don’t want to do is put them in the Disaster...
17 July, 2015 | Russell Smith

Office of Personnel Management Hacked Again

Not for the first time in the past twelve months the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), an independent government agency that manages the civil service, announced 21.5 million background check records were compromised in a security breach, along with 1.1 million fingerprints and...
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