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3 August, 2017 | Michael Ustinov

Top 4 IT Security Trends to Keep an Eye On

With attacks getting increasingly frequent and sophisticated, the traditional approach to shielding your IT ecosystem is no longer working. You can’t simply tie hands of “bad guys” and give full privileges to “good guys” because you can’t know which users you can actually trust. For...
18 October, 2016 | Ryan Brooks

User Behavior Analytics: Best Practices You Should Start Now

How much do you know about User Behavior Analytics (UBA), emerging solution that helps detect growing malicious and abusive insider activity across IT environment that otherwise can go unnoticed? This article details the key challenges for protecting the most critical assets within your IT...
18 May, 2016 | Jeff Melnick

Role of File Analysis in Preventing Insider Threats

The number of data breaches caused by phishing attacks continues to grow. Among recent cases are college in San Francisco, school in Washington and international corporation. At the City College of San Francisco, the information of about 7,500 students was compromised when an employee responded...