Challenges of SOX Compliance For IT Systems

SOX compliance has become an increasingly important issue for organizations of all kinds. Intended to assign a quantifiable level of accountability to organizations and the IT controls that impact financial reporting operations, the act includes two sections that affect IT departments—section 302 (Corporate Responsibility for Financial Reports) and section 404 (Management Assessment of Internal Controls). Of course, failure to meet these, or any other requirements levied by SOX standards, can result in serious penalties and loss of credibility.

User Provisioning: Right Access at the Right Time

User provisioning has revolutionized the practice of identity management, as it was once known. Essentially, user provisioning is what enables organizations to better manage their infrastructures in a way that promotes security by allowing employees to see and access precisely what they need to execute within their roles, but nothing more.
More specifically, user provisioning is in place to guarantee that all the necessary resources will be available for all the necessary people at all times– and no on else. As a result, when used correctly, it can trigger productivity and limit risk.

Why the Microsoft Active Directory Recycle Bin Feature Falls Short?

The need for an Active Directory object restoration tool has become of growing concern for IT professionals across the world and it is no coincidence, as a result, that the recently released Windows Server 2008 R2 includes a feature that Microsoft hoped would appease technological and infrastructural administrators everywhere—unfortunately for Microsoft, however, it did not.