Top-3 self-service password management features in freeware Password Manager

In 100 downloads of the NetWrix Password Manager, more than 58% indicated three key features as desirable and are all found in this product. Password Management tools have become extremely popular because of the many varied resources users access on a daily basis. Even with improvements in technology overall, vendors each have their own approaches … Continued

Astounding need for analyzing Windows logon events.

This week, we reviewed download poll results on two popular systems administration tools: NetWrix Logon Reporter and NetWrix Event Log Manager. Both tools help administrators gain visibility over their user activities and events that may be adversely impacting security or system performance. Maintaining a detailed history of these events for auditors is nearly impossible with … Continued

Active Directory Auditing Tools competitive review: Current version overlooked while old version scores high.

Recently on , a competitive review was posted on Active Directory Auditing Tools. The author, Eric B. Rux, reviewed our previous Version 6 release of NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter (which was recently updated after more than two years in service), along with other current competing products. While the review did point out many … Continued

Good News: Proactive password security is increasing in importance.

In a recent download poll performed by NetWrix, an encouraging 54.3% of administrators expressed their need to reset passwords in-bulk reflecting the growing need to clear old passwords that for some may have not changed in years. This type of action indicates that password security is a concern and there is no better way to … Continued

Overwhelming Number of Sysadmins Need Early Low Disk Space Warning

In a recent download poll conducted by NetWrix, an astounding 81% of respondents indicated they need a low disk space warning on their servers. This percentage represents numerous environments where conservation of precious storage is a daily activity. Administrators will frequently monitor disk space usage by the systems themselves (software installations, updates, and patches), and … Continued