What IT professionals think about HIPAA

A recent Spiceworks discussion on HIPAA compliance revealed many interesting thoughts from IT pros who have wrestled with HIPAA compliance directly. In this post I will attempt to summarize their perspectives on HIPAA and what you need to know. While it may sound scary, HIPAA was enacted to among other things, protect patient records and … Continued

Why failing an audit is a good thing: Thoughts from the field.

Recently I posted an article in the Security Group on Spiceworks from Network World on the benefits of failing an IT audit. I also posed the question to this group, “Would you rather fail an audit to uncover weaknesses, or rely on other means?” The responses were intriguing. Most agreed in general that an audit, … Continued

Green IT: Save the environment or the bottom-line?

This month’s download poll results from the NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager revealed half were simply interested in saving the bottom-line. Utility costs have been on the rise for more than a decade now forcing vendors, and businesses alike to build and implement hardware that consume less electricity than their predecessors. Long gone are the … Continued

Removable media: Convenient portable data storage or IT threat?

Trusted employees, on-site vendors and welcomed guests pose unique security concerns considering how easy it is to plug a portable storage device into a workstation, server, or laptop that has not been appropriately secured. Compounding this problem is the technological advancements seen in storage in recent years. USB drives are compact, high-speed, and can store … Continued

Top-3 demands for SQL Server auditing

This month’s poll results revealed some very interesting details on what administrators are looking for to support their SQL server environments. Of those polled, 33.6% stated they want SQL configuration settings audited. 22.9% expressed the need for security auditing such as logins and role change events. Another 15.7% stated they desire auditing of data changes. … Continued