Three Simple Concepts to Improving Network Security

Security means different things to different people. For IT, it means securing the network from external intruders and protecting valuable data from prying eyes internally. Since the dawn of the information age, readily available information has come with a price. Securing information in our interconnected world is not always as easy as putting a lock … Continued

NetWrix Change Reporter Suite – Voted Readers’ Choice Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that NetWrix has just been honored with another great award – this time thanks to readers – making it the 17th award within the two-month period. NetWrix Change Reporter Suite was selected the winner in the Network Auditing Software category of the Readers’ Choice Awards. GFI LANguard and Admin … Continued

Why do some IT pros dislike Facebook?

Recently on Spiceworks, I posted an announcement about a new Facebook group to discuss IT Auditing, Compliance, Security, and Forensics. I did not expect some of the negative responses I received. Some IT pros don’t like Facebook, though, I should clarify. Many of the responses could be grouped into two categories. The first group said … Continued

NetWrix VMware Change Reporter wins a Readers Choice Award November 2011

Yet again, a great award announcement for NetWrix this time coming from The NetWrix VMware Change Reporter received a second runner-up award for “Best VMware Security Product” in the 2011 Readers Choice surveys. This brings our total awards to 16 for 2011! This includes 9 awards from Windows IT Pro and 6 awards from … Continued