PCI DSS v3’s Number One Implementation Hurdle

Security for organizations dealing with credit cards often boils down to one thing; successful implementation of The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, better known as PCI DSS. From securing transactions to increasing customer confidence, PCI DSS compliance is a must in the modern economy. The PCI DSS standard version 3.0 requirements became effective January … Continued

Data Governance: The Key to Compliance

In a legislation-laden era, more and more organizations are falling under the mandates of governmental or industry regulation. The requirements can be complex and confusing, and it’s hard to know where to start in creating and enforcing policies that will keep your company in compliance, so many IT departments live in fear of the upcoming … Continued

Key Points for Good Disaster Recovery Planning

In some of the previous articles we’ve looked at disaster recovery planning, and I pointed out that there are four distinct areas of planning: mitigation planning response recovery We took a decent look at mitigation, which we said was eliminating or minimizing the impact of a threat. Now we’re one hundred percent into planning. Planning … Continued

Windows 10 Technical Preview: New Security Features

Windows 10 is the latest client Operating system released by Microsoft, the technical summary of its latest security features is available for download. High hopes have been pinned on Windows 10, since Windows 8, its previous version, was kind of a let-down in the market. Following in the steps of the previous version, Windows 10 … Continued

4 Ways to Avoid Malware Like Lenovo Superfish

PCs sold by Lenovo between September 2014 and January 2015 came pre-installed with Superfish VisualDiscovery, a piece of malware claiming to improve users’ Internet experience by adding visual results to Google search and other websites. But in reality, the main purpose of the software was to add third-party advertisements. Superfish installs its own Certification Authority … Continued